Your Flesh Magazine

Ok, it sounds like a porn mag, but it isn't. That is, unless you consider my inane drivel a form of porn. If not, check out the interview in the latest. I got to make a couple of lame jokes as well as send some shout outs to long neglected punk rockers and friends. Just remember -- if it appears all I'm doing lately is posting news about myself ... well, what can I say, I guess I am. It's the busy time of the semester and I don't have as much time to write here as I'd like, so I'm letting others who are writing about relevant JewPunk topics do so for me. If you're fed up with this line of blogging and you prefer I begin sharing the secrets of my soul yet again, just say. I'm here to serve you, my dear readers. Your wish is ... well, you know the rest.



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