Society's Child

Remember when Ronald Reagan claimed that Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" was a rousing patriotic anthem then used it as the soundtrack to his reactionary goosestep? Well, something similar just happened to me. A blog called "Society's Child" is loudly proclaiming that I have confirmed the existence of a worldwide Zionist conspiracy. First, allow me to state for the record, I am not proclaiming anything of the sort. Second, let me point out that the man who claims I am, also claims he has mites burrowing beneath his skin. Third, let me further note that said blogger has named his blog after a song by Janis Ian despite the fact she’s Jewish, lesbian and clearly singing in condemnation of intolerance. In other words, our mite-ridden provocateur is not exactly trustworthy – in fact, he’s outdone even the man who claimed ketchup was a vegetable in self-serving delusional thinking. Look, I’m sure there are special interests out there that are not always being straightforward with us, but why is it rightwing crackpots are always so convinced that it’s relatively powerless minorities (black, immigrants, Jews) that are doing the manipulating? Do I have power over anyone? Not that I can tell. Hell, even my dog rarely listens to my commands. And do I lust for power? Uh uh. If I lust at all it’s for the usual things everybody does. That’s right, huggin’ and kissin’. Perhaps if my friend at Society's Child removed his head from his ass long enough to take a real look around, he'd stop seeing plots everywhere and start treating his fellow citizens with compassion. Let’s see if we can help him do so. Here's a link to the blog in question. Feel free to bombard it with responses of your own: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/154359-What-a-Jew-can-say-others-can-t

p.s. You also might want to check out this post regarding his mite infestation. It's but one of many on the subject: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/234663-Morgellons-Disease-and-The-Quantum-Leap-of-Awareness


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