Sister Ray Binowitz

Hi Folks,

A couple of interesting JewPunk mentions in the news.

First, the blog Heeb 'N' Vegan (exactly what it sounds like) published a brief interview with me a few days back. A shame they had to cut out all the jokes, but still nice of them (Mike Croland, to be specific) to give me a platform on which to shout about my book.


Second, looks like JewPunk (my JewPunk, at least) has finally made it to the Holy Land. The Israeli News Service namechecks my book in an article about Lou Reed's upcoming concert there.



Speaking of Lou Reed in the Land of the Fathers, what's up with that? What, Hymietown's not good enough for him (please see Reed's album "New York" and his reference to Jesse Jackson's fond moniker for that city before jumping all over my ironic ass).

Seriously, the Zayde of Punk in Israel conjures visions of Moses, the tablets and B'Nai B'Rith trips gone wrong. "Thou shalt bathe thyselves in White Light and White Heat; thou shalt have no other co-founders before thee (especially John Cale); thou shalt hit thy mainline; thou shalt hit it sideways; just like, blessed be He, just like, the Lord our God, just like, Sister Rabinowitz sez..."

Over and out,

Beeb the Heeb

P.S. Fond of finding JewPunk in the most unlikely places? Consider that Reed's family name was originally Rabinowitz and that the song "Sister Ray" conjures associations with that. Think I'm nuts? Consider then that fellow JewPunk founder, Daniel Rey of Shrapnel, was originally known as Daniel Rabinowitz before coming up with an appellation more stage-worthy. Hmmmmmmm...


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