This morning I received a very nasty email from one of the individuals who I interviewed for “Heebie-Jeebies.” She angrily denounced me for having wasted her time, saying I asked to see a number of her photographs then ended up using just one of them in my book. As I’d already explained to her on more than one occasion, I was looking for certain TYPES of photos and had to go with the best I could find. I’m sorry that this resulted in her time being unprofitably spent, but hey, I was doing research. That’s how it works!

Oh yes, she also called me a “JERK” and an “ASSHOLE” (in capital letters, no less) and concluded by saying that I would tell the students in my punk class “lies" just like "all the ‘supposed’ experts on punk.”

Ok, fine, this secondary player (at best) in the punk scene feels neglected and passed over. I’m sorry she feels that way. Still, why attack me? I mean, if she really thinks I'm just another “expert” who doesn't know anything, then why is she so determined to have her photos included in my book in the first place? Is money really that important to her? What about punk integrity and all that?

Speaking of money and integrity, can I point out that this person was treated to two dinners by me, including one where she drank nearly $100 worth of red wine? And that in return for those dinners and those rounds upon rounds of drinks, she "borrowed” a pre-release copy of The Ramones documentary, "End of the Century" that I’d been lent by director Michael Gramalgia with the express demand that I keep it to myself then return it ASAP?

Picture me later that night retracing my steps up and down Second Avenue, looking in gutters, in trashcans, under newspapers, hoping to perhaps find the video I thought I'd lost. Only the next morning did my dinner companion bother to tell me that she’d lifted it while I was in the bathroom and taken it home because she was determined to see how she came off in it.

Pretty stressful, as you can imagine. And pretty annoying. Still, I figured, once a punk, always a punk, and I decided to laugh the episode off, even though it had caused me to lose a night of sleep and worry that I’d alienated someone who had done me a solid.

Now I’m the “JERK” and the “ASSHOLE”!

I tell you what, my accuser, I’ll make like Lou Reed and be your mirror. Maybe then you can see how YOU look!!


Blogger Paul said...


I am shocked that this person would call you not only a JERK but an ASSHOLE!!

I think I speak with authority when I say, sir, you are not a JERK.

Hope that helps.

Happy Valley News Hour

March 23, 2009 at 3:28 PM  
Blogger G-D said...


I may be a BLOWHARD and a CURMUDGEON and a GREGARIOUS LAUGHING SWINE, but I prefer to think I'm not a JERK or an ASSHOLE

btw, what's the Happy Valley News Hour? I'm intrigued.

March 24, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

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