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Back from the wilds of Western MA and Eastern CT. A fine time was had by all. In addition to reading/signing/appearing in two of America's favorite bookstores, I and my gal pal Tracey were able to stay overnight in a reconverted mill-side B&B that reeked of New England charm and Boomer nostalgia. Our amazing hosts, Dennis and Francesca, bought a copy of "AWAKE!" (Dennis is an insomniac), then treated us to a wonderful afternoon snack of homemade hummus, wine, crackers, cheese, chocolate, carrots, wine and ... well, I'll stop there. The next morning, Francesca served up a special-made, vegetarian-friendly breakfast-burrito while Dennis regaled us with stories of his experiences at Woodstock, his 39-year-old battered ticket stub in hand to prove he wasn't making them up. I highly recommend stopping by the Old Mill Inn the next time you're near Enfield. Be sure to ask for the big-brass-bed suite we had (though you can also go for the Western-themed room across the hall if you so choose). Here's the website:


Speaking of websites (how's that for a segue?), I just got an email from my new pal Tom Cheshire telling me that he recently posted an interview we did after my reading in Atlanta. Tom's a rockin' kind of writer who shouts like a Bobcat-in-heat when onstage -- and like a Bobcat-with-a-drink when off. He's also retro-looking in a rockabilly sort of way you don't see nearly enough these days. In other words, he's got style, so talking to him over drinks at the underground North Highland bar was the perfect post-reading wind-down. To read the interview, go to Tom's website Dry Ink -- just remember as you do so that the parentheses around some of my expressions mysteriously disappeared when being posted, making a sentence or two read slightly strangely (not that I've got anything against strange. I just don't want you to be confused).


Ok, other than that it's back to the books. I've got to finish reading paper proposals for my "Media Representations of the Holocaust" class. Then it's off for drinks with Hugo Burnham (former drummer for Gang of Four) and John Lay (former manager of Squeeze).

yours rockingly,



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