Actual JewPunk Pics!

Hello Juden Punks,

For the curious among you, I'm posting a pic of the translated edition of the book. In the next few days, I'll do the same with some pics I took while in Germany. If you can't wait till then, just stop by my Facebook page. I put a slew of them up there yesterday.




I LOVE Germany!

Hey Y'all,

Sorry for the disappearance from blogland. I've been away (in Atlanta) then preparing for classes (I'm teaching four at three schools). When I get time, I'll fill you in on what might prove to be my favorite course -- it's at Tufts University and is called (drum roll, please) "The Jewish Origins of Punk Rock." Guess whose book I've assigned as required reading.

Since I'm just about to head to my writing group and am kind of burnt from my first day of classes at Emerson ("The City" and "Behind the Headlines"), let me leave you with a link to the latest wonderment from Germany. Seems Die Zeit, Germany's equivalent of The New York Times, reviewed my book this week. From what I can gather via the mangled (but free) translation provided by Babel Fish, they liked it (the book, that is). God bless 'em!!

Here's the link if you want to check it out. You can also try one of the free translation services provided on the web. Or, if you're actually seeing this in Germany, you can just take it in and feel smug. After all, we Americans are pretty pathetic when it comes to speaking anyone else's language.


Auf wiedersehen,