Joey, as in Ramone

In the spirit of the season, remember WWJD -- What Would Joey Do?

Merry XMass, punk!

Happy Holidays to one and all. We're ecumenical here at JewPunk Industries, so our hearty best wishes to revelers here and around the world.

Speaking of revels, I am now in Minneapolis where I got to fly first-class because I'd been bumped from my original flight. This happened once before many years back on a transcontinental flight to the UK. Free drinks, gourmet cheeses, a cushy chair and they even warmed up my nuts (my nut mixture, for Christ's sake. Grow up!) Not this time, though. While I still got the round of free drinks (praise God!) my "snack box" was sub par, to say the least. A bag of chips, some miniature cookies, pre-fab cheese spread and some crackers to slather it on ... not exactly the sort of thing to warm up your nuts (ok, I'm being the immature one now. So sue me!)

In any case, I made it, flaming hips of attempted terrorists aside. I'm now ensconced in a blow-up bed that shares space with non-stop video games played by non-stop kids. Dig those crazy sound effects.

One last thing. It seems an interview I did recently has been posted on the blog Our Stage. Check it out at:



Space-Time Discontinuum

For those of you looking for updates, I just posted one, but it appears further back in this blog -- on 7/26/09 to be exact.

I guess I've slipped into another dimension. Oh well.