Whitney Biennial gets AWAKE!

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Want to raise your culture quotient? Then check in tomorrow at the Whitney Museum where I (or at least the virtual me) will be reading a story from the insomnia anthology "AWAKE! A Reader for the Sleepless."

The story is by superbad guitarist Gary Lucas, who I can't rave enough about, and it deals with his experiences performing a live soundtrack to the silent film "Der Golem." For those of you unfamiliar with Jewish lore, the Golem is a mythological (or so they claim) clay statue brought to life through the mystical powers of Kaballah (no wonder Madonna's so intent in her studies). They say that the Frankenstein story was inspired by this legend and they just may be right, though in my opinion The Golem is far better-looking (and, funny, he doesn't look Jewish).

So here's what you do. Tomorrow between 5 and 6 PM, EST either get your ass down to the Whitney or check out the event via the internet and you'll hear me reading backed-up by Gary playing -- in other words, you'll hear a sort of live performance by Gary in front of his story about a live performance in front of The Golem. Very post-modern, huh?

Info on Whitney event -- http://whitney.org/www/2008biennial/www/?section=artists&page=artist_npr

Live stream from Neighborhood Public Radio -- http://freeradiosaic.org/program/shows/117/

A couple of things to keep in mind. There will only be an excerpt from the story available at this "performance" since the exhibit in which it's involved is a sort of sound collage about reverie, sleep and insomnia. There will be a bank of radios provided by Neighborhood Public Radio, an experimental station out of the Art institute of Chicago that is making sure that, like Iggy Pop, you've had it in the ear at least once before you die.

If you can't check out the performance tomorrow, there will be a podcast, complete with arty (read "weird") images available about a week after. And while the Art Institute of Chicago will be keeping the whole shebang in its archives, I'll be doing them even one better. As soon as I figure out how to do so on my computer, I'm going to post the whole damn story, complete with music, right here for you. And I'll do so for free.

Such a deal. And it makes you look cultured. Who knew the Whitney Biennial could be so fun.

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Audio AWAKE! - The Sounds of Sleeplessnes

Hi Everyone,

I've been a lousy blogger lately and I'm not going to be much better today, but let me tell you about one fun tidbit here and a couple of other exciting things to come.

First, in the next few days I'll fill you in on the recent series of readings in NY, Boston and Atlanta. They were amazingly fun and interesting events that have taken me weeks to digest. Very soon, I'll sit down and expel this digested material. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

Second, later today I will be recording a selection from the insomnia anthology "AWAKE! A Reader for the Sleepless." This recording will then be set to music and included in an upcoming event that I'm sure will surprise and delight you. I can't say anymore on this for now, but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

Finally, in addition to the interview that I linked to in my previous post, I am now offering you a related podcast compliments of Ben Tanzer of "This Podcast Will Change Your Life." One word of warning -- the recording is close to thirty minutes long and I don't appear till near the end, so if you don't hear anything about AWAKE right away, don't touch that dial. Besides, the rest of the podcast is entertaining as hell, so settle in and enjoy.


Oh yeah, one other thing compliments of Ben (who's novel "Lucky Man" I've heard is great)





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