Roll Out the Roller Derby

Yes, we had us a barrel of fun down at the dear ol derby the other night. It was the Nutcrackers vs. the Cosmonaughties and our heads were spinning faster than Linda Blair's in our efforts to keep up with the game and our own excitement. I've got to hand it to the Boston Derby Dames and especially the Nutcrackers. Not only did they put on a damn good show, they showed everyone that girls can play as well (and rough!) as boys. I can promise you I'll never throw my hat in that ring. Not unless I'm wearing full body armor along with it.

With that said, I'll gladly attend another after party, because this one was as kick ass as the derby itself. Perhaps it's something about being dressed in a tiara and knee pads (not me, but one of the Dames ... and I'm sticking with that story!), but the dance floor moves to be seen were worth the price of admission. Muscle, music and mayhem were the alliterative words of the day, and I couldn't help but picture that old perv Robert Crumb getting up to boogie himself. Ok, ok, so it's not a pretty picture to share, I'm sorry. Better yet, let me leave you with this. Seeing as the after party took place at the Fez Room in the Wilmington Shriner's Auditorium, I also imagined those guys in the little cars buzzing around us. Not exactly the Derby Dames, but definitely good for a laugh.